Modify the OpenStack environment settings

Modify the OpenStack environment settingsΒΆ

Fuel enables you to change the configuration of an OpenStack environment that is currently in the operational, error, stopped, or partially_deployed states for further redeployment of the OpenStack environment with new parameters.

To redeploy the OpenStack environment settings:

  1. In the Fuel web UI, click the Settings tab.

  2. Reconfigure the OpenStack settings as required:

  3. Click Save Settings.


    To restore the last deployed OpenStack settings for your environment, click Load Deployed. Fuel displays the Load Deployed button only for the successfully deployed OpenStack environments.

  4. In the Dashboard tab, view List of changes to deploy.

  5. Click Deploy Changes to redeploy the OpenStack environment with the new configuration. Or click Discard to discard the changes and load the last successfully deployed OpenStack environment configuration.

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