Basic usage

Basic usage


The Fuel command-line interface has been updated. Although old fuel commands are still available, we recommend that you use the new fuel2 commands instead. See the Fuel CLI commands comparison matrix.

Use the following usage pattern for Fuel commands:

fuel [global optional args] <namespace> [action] <optional args>


fuel --env-id=1 node set --node-id=1,4,5 --role=controller
Fuel commands parameters
Parameter Description
--env-id=1 A global argument pointing to a specific environment. This is an optional parameter.
node A namespace for all node control functions.
set An action that assigns nodes with defined roles to specific environments.

To get the list of all global optional arguments and namespaces, run:

fuel --help

To get the list of actions and optional arguments for a namespace, run:

fuel <namespace> --help
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