Upgrade Fuel Liberty to Mitaka

Upgrade Fuel Liberty to MitakaΒΆ

You can upgrade the Fuel Master node from Liberty to Mitaka. After you upgrade Fuel, you can only deploy new environments of the corresponding Fuel version. Environments deployed using older versions of Fuel will remain operational.

To upgrade the Fuel Master node:

  1. Verify that no installations are in progress in any of your OpenStack environments.

  2. Back up the Fuel Master node as described in Back up the Fuel Master node.

  3. Power off the Fuel Master node.

  4. Restore the Fuel Master node as described in Restore the Fuel Master node.

  5. If you want to use CentOS-based bootstrap, rebuild the bootstrap image:

    $ octane update-bootstrap-centos
  6. Reboot all nodes that are in the Discover status.

When Fuel completes the upgrade procedure, the New Release available message appears in the Releases tab.

Now, you can update to the latest Mitaka version that includes some features back-ported from Newton after the Mitaka release.

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