Rollback a compute node

Rollback a compute nodeΒΆ

You can rollback a compute node to its original state, for example, the state before it failed.

To rollback a compute node:

  1. SSH to one of the controller nodes.

  2. Put the node into maintenance mode to prevent scheduling of new VMs by disabling the nova-compute service:

    $ nova service-disable <host> nova-compute
  3. Power off all the VMs running on the node to be re-installed:

    $ nova stop [vm-uuid]

    Alternatively, live migrate the VMs:

    1. Get a list of all VMs running on a host:

      $ nova list --host <host> --all-tenants
    2. Manually live migrate instances to other hosts:

      $ nova live-migration <instance>
  4. Reinstall the node as described in Reinstall a node.

  5. Enable the nova-compute service:

    $ nova service-enable <host> nova-compute
  6. If you did not perform the live migration, start the VMs that are in the SHUTOFF status:

    $ nova start [vm-uuid]
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