Preparing the Hadoop cluster service for testing

Preparing the Hadoop cluster service for testing

You can run the platform tests to verify that the Hadoop cluster (Sahara) functions correctly. To run the tests, Sahara must be deployed and configured.

You run the tests in the tenant you specified in the OpenStack Settings tab during the OpenStack installation. By default, the admin tenant is used for the tests.

You must have at least 4096 MB RAM available in the tenant for Sahara platform tests. Otherwise, some tests may fail.


Sahara uses auto-security groups for opening required ports for each plugin. For more information, see the corresponding plugin documentation.

To prepare Hadoop cluster for testing

  1. Download the image with Hadoop for Sahara

  2. If you use VMware vSphere as a hypervisor for your OpenStack environment, convert the qcow2 image format to vmdk:

    qemu-img convert -O vmdk <original_image>.qcow2 <converted_image>.vmdk
  3. Register the image with Sahara:

    1. Upload the image into Glance into the admin tenant.

    2. Name the image sahara.

    3. In Horizon, navigate to Projects ‣ Data Processing.

    4. Switch to the admin tenant.

    5. Select Image Registry.

    6. Click Register Image.

      The Image registration dialog appears.

    7. Select the image you have just uploaded.

    8. Set username to ubuntu.

    9. Select the tags: plugin=vanilla and version=<version>.

    10. Click Add plugin tags.

    11. Click Done.

  4. Proceed with testing the Hadoop cluster.

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