Provision an OpenStack environment

Provision an OpenStack environmentΒΆ

Fuel enables you to provision all your OpenStack environment nodes or a particular set of nodes before you deploy an OpenStack environment. You can start a separate provisioning task for on-line discovered (not provisioned and not deployed) environment nodes.

After you successfully provision the environment nodes, run a separate deployment as described in Deploy changes. Such deployment affects all on-line provisioned and not yet deployed OpenStack environment nodes. Nodes with the error status are also considered as not deployed.

To provision an OpenStack environment:

  1. In the Fuel web UI, click the Dashboard tab.
  2. Verify you have added nodes to your OpenStack environment as described in Add a node to an OpenStack environment.
  3. Set the Deployment mode to Provisioning Only.
  4. Proceed with one of the following options to start the provisioning:
    • If you want to provision all nodes, click Provision Nodes.
    • If you want to provision specific nodes:
      1. Unfold Choose nodes for provisioning and select nodes. For example, controller, compute, or other nodes.
      2. Click Provision Nodes.
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