Replace a task

Replace a taskΒΆ

You can replace a task with a custom task in the task.yaml file by replacing the path to the executable file.

To replace a task:

  1. Log in to Fuel CLI:

  2. Open the task.yaml file for editing.

  3. Replace the path to the path to the executable file:

    - id: netconfig
      type: puppet
      groups: [primary-controller, controller, cinder, compute, ceph-osd,
      zabbix-server, primary-mongo, mongo]
      required_for: [deploy_end]
      requires: [logging]
          # old puppet manifest
          # puppet_manifest: /etc/puppet/modules/osnailyfacter/netconfig.pp
          puppet manifest:
          puppet_modules: /etc/puppet/modules
          timeout: 3600
  4. Synchronize deployment tasks:

    fuel rel --sync-deployment-tasks --dir <path-to-puppet-manifest>


    fuel rel --sync-deployment-tasks --dir /etc/puppet/mitaka-9.0/
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