Download deployment information

Download deployment informationΒΆ

Fuel stores detailed information about deployments in its database. You can download environment settings, network configuration, and serialized environment data, such as astute.yaml for all nodes used for a specific deployment.

To download the deployment information:

  1. Log in to the Fuel Master node CLI.

  2. Obtain the ID of the deployment task using one of the following commands:

    fuel task
    fuel2 task list


    By default, the fuel2 task list shows all deployment tasks. Although, you can filter the tasks in the command output by:

    • Environment ID:

      fuel2 task list --env <ENV_ID>
    • Tasks statuses:

      fuel2 task list --statuses ready

      The available tasks statuses are pending, error, ready, and running.

    • Tasks names:

      fuel2 task list --names <TASK_NAME>
  3. Download the deployment information:

    fuel2 task deployment-info download <TASK_ID> --file deployment-info.yaml
    fuel2 task settings download <TASK_ID> --file settings.yaml
    fuel2 task network-configuration download <TASK_ID> --file networks.yaml

    where <TASK_ID> is the ID of the deployment task.

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