Restore the Fuel Master node

Restore the Fuel Master nodeΒΆ

You can restore the Fuel Master node from the backup archives. You may require to restore in case of a hardware failure or other system malfunction, or as a part of the upgrade of the Fuel Master node procedure.

To restore the Fuel Master node:

  1. Reinstall the Fuel Master node using the respective version of the ISO image as described in Install Fuel.


    The new Fuel Master node must have the same IP address and the same administrator password as the original Fuel Master node. Otherwise, you cannot restore the configuration from the backup files.

  2. Copy the corresponding backup archives to the Fuel Master node. For example, in the /tmp directory.

  3. Log in to the new Fuel Master node.

  4. Download and install the fuel-octane package:

    $ yum install fuel-octane
  5. Restore the configuration state of the Fuel Master node from the backup archive:

    $ octane fuel-restore --from <base-archive-name>.tar.gz --admin-password <admin-password>

    The --admin-password option is the password that is stored in a backup file, and is not the current Administrator password.

  6. Restore package repositories, base images, and other data from the archive:

    $ octane fuel-repo-restore --from <repo-archive-name>.tar.gz \
      --admin-password <admin-password>


    The Fuel Master node must have at least 2 GB of RAM to decompress the archive.

  7. In case of multiple cluster networks, forward DHCP requests to the Fuel Master node using one of the following methods:

    • Configure switches to relay DHCP
    • Use a relay client, such as dhcp-helper
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