Fuel management commands

Fuel management commands


The Fuel command-line interface has been updated. Although old fuel commands are still available, we recommend that you use the new fuel2 commands instead. See the Fuel CLI commands comparison matrix.

The following table describes basic management commands available in the Fuel CLI.

Management and help commands
Description Command Example
View the list of all global optional arguments and namespaces. fuel --help

View the list of actions and optional arguments for a namespace:

fuel <namespace> --help
View the list of all available releases

fuel release

fuel rel

View the information about a specific release:

fuel rel --rel <release_number>
Get the information about the Fuel version. fuel fuel-version  
Change the Fuel password. You can use the --user=admin and --password=test flags to provide user name and password with all Fuel CLI commands. fuel user --change-password --new-pass=<new_password>  
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