Shut down an OpenStack environment

Shut down an OpenStack environmentΒΆ

This section provides the recommended process for shutting down an entire OpenStack environment. You may need to shut down an OpenStack environment if you want to perform maintenance or recovery procedures. The shutdown process involves stopping all OpenStack virtual machines, the Fuel Master node, compute, controller and other nodes in a determinate order. Adhering to the procedure ensures that the shutdown process is performed gracefully and mitigates the risks of failure during a subsequent start of the environment.

To shut down an entire OpenStack environment:

  1. Shut down the OpenStack virtual machines gracefully through either Horizon or CLI.

    Verify if any virtual machines in your OpenStack environment require customized shutdown procedure or special shutdown sequence between several virtual machines. Shut down or suspend these instances gracefully.

  2. Shut down compute nodes.

    Log in to each compute node as administrator and type:



    All compute nodes may be shut down at the same time.


    If a node combines more than one role, you may need to perform additional steps, such as setting the noout flag for Ceph OSD nodes, before you can shut down the node.

  3. Shut down Ceph OSD nodes:

    1. Set the noout flag to prevent the rebalance procedure launch that can be triggered by a delay between Ceph nodes powering off:

      1. Log in to any controller node or any Ceph OSD node and type:

        ceph osd set noout
      2. Verify the noout flag is set:

        ceph -s

        The output of the command above should show the noout flag set into the health status.

    2. On each ceph osd node, type:

  4. Shut down controller nodes by powering them off sequentially.

    An estimated duration of a single controller node shutdown is 30 minutes. However, it may take more time depending on configuration. Most of the time the system shows the unload corosync services message.

    Assuming your environment contains 3 controller nodes, shut them down as follows:

    1. Put the pacemaker cluster in maintenance mode:

      pcs property set maintenance-mode=true
    2. Log in to the Controller-03 node as Administrator and type:


      Wait until the node accomplishes the poweroff procedure and some extra minutes to enable Pacemaker/Corosync to redistribute services between the remained controller nodes.

    3. Log in to the Controller-02 node as Administrator and type:


      Wait until the node accomplishes the poweroff procedure and some extra minutes to enable Pacemaker/Corosync to stop all services on a single remained controller node due to no quorum.

    4. Log in to the Controller-01 node as Administrator and type:

  5. Shut down the Fuel Master node. Log in to the Fuel Master node CLI and type:

  6. Shut down any remaining nodes in your environment.

  7. If required, shut down the networking infrastructure.

  8. To start an environment, proceed to Start an OpenStack environment.

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