Install the Fuel Master node

Install the Fuel Master nodeΒΆ

Before you install the Fuel Master node, complete the steps described in Before you install Fuel, Download the ISO image, and Preparing an installation media.

To install the Fuel Master node:

  1. Insert or mount through IPMI (or using any other remote control utility supported by your hardware) the media with the Fuel ISO on the server that will be your Fuel Master node.
  2. Verify that the Fuel installation media is the first device in the boot order.
  3. Power on the server. The Welcome to Fuel Installer screen appears.
  4. Select the installation media. If necessary, modify the boot settings by pressing the Tab key to display the loader command line. Using this command line, configure the IP address, default gateway, and DNS server settings of the Fuel Master node.
  5. Proceed to Configure network parameters.


You can install the Fuel Master node on VMware vSphere. For more information, see: Before you install Fuel on VMware vSphere.

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