Verify your OpenStack environment

Verify your OpenStack environmentΒΆ

After you have successfully deployed your OpenStack environment, run the build-in health tests to ensure your environment is fully operational.

Health tests have the following advantages:

  • Using post-deployment checks helps you identify potential issues which may impact the health of a deployed system.
  • All post-deployment checks provide detailed descriptions about failed operations and tell you which component or components are not working properly.
  • Performing these checks manually would consumed a great deal of time, but it only take a few minutes to run the full suite of tests from the Fuel console.
  • Aside from verifying that everything is working correctly, the process also determines how quickly your system works.
  • Post-deployment checks continue to be useful after you initially deploy your environment. For example, after sizable changes are made in the environment, you can use the checks to determine if any new failure points have been introduced.

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