Fuel configuration files reference

Fuel configuration files referenceΒΆ

You can modify some of the Fuel settings directly in the corresponding configuration files.


For advanced OpenStack users only! Editing the Fuel configuration files may severely damage your OpenStack environment.

After you modify a yaml file, you will get an notification in the Fuel web UI that some settings have been changed and, therefore, some features may become inaccessible in the Fuel web UI.

The following table provides descriptions of the Fuel configuration files.

File Node Description
astute.yaml (Fuel Master node) Fuel Master node Configuration attributes passed to Puppet
astute.yaml (Fuel Slave nodes) Fuel Slave nodes Configuration attributes passed to Puppet
engine.yaml Fuel Master node Provisioning engine (Cobbler) and basic configuration of the Fuel Slave nodes
network_1.yaml Fuel Master node Network group configuration
openstack.yaml Fuel Master node Basic configuration of the Fuel Slave nodes
settings.yaml Fuel Master node Fuel settings

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