Prepare a testing environment

Prepare a testing environmentΒΆ

You must configure a testing environment to ensure you plugin code quality.

Use the following resources to download test, examples, and instructions on how to configure a testing environment:

Follow these additional guidelines on creating and formating your own tests:

  • When creating your own test class, you must inherit this test class from the TestBasic class in, where the Fuel web client initialization is performed.
  • Each test class and method must be decorated with @test.
  • Each class in the test group has groups to run all test cases together and each test case has groups for a separate run.
  • Test cases have the depends_on method or test which means that this test case does not run until the depends_on method or test is done.

Prepare a testing environment

  1. Clone the fuel-qa Git repository:

    git clone
  2. Activate the virtual environment:

    source ~/venv-nailgun-tests-2.9/bin/activate
  3. Export the Fuel ISO:

    export ISO_PATH=path-to-iso
  4. Go to fuel-qa:

    cd fuel-qa/
  5. Start the tests:

    ./utils/jenkins/ -t test -w \
    $(pwd) -j fuelweb_test -i $ISO_PATH -o --group=setup
  6. For additional information, type:

    ./utils/jenkins/ -h
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