Redeploy a node

Redeploy a nodeΒΆ

Redeploying a node refers to the process of changing the roles that are assigned to a node. For example, you want to redeploy some compute and storage nodes to be MongoDB nodes.

To redeploy a node:

  1. Prepare your environment:

    1. Live migrate instances from the compute nodes. For more information, see Configure migrations.
    2. Back up or copy information from the Operating System nodes being redeployed.
  2. Log in to the Fuel web UI.

  3. In the Nodes tab, select the node(s) that you want to remove and click Delete.

    The deployed node will be marked as PENDING DELETION.

  4. In the Dashboard tab, click Deploy Changes.

  5. Wait for the node to become available in the list of Discovered nodes in the Nodes tab.

  6. Assign a new role to the node being redeployed.

  7. Adjust the settings of your environment as required.

  8. In the Dashboard tab, click Deploy Changes.

  9. Wait for the environment to be redeployed.


After redeploying an Operating System node, you will have to manually apply any configuration changes you made and reinstall the software that was running on the node or restore the system from the backup you made before redeploying the node.

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