Troubleshoot network

Troubleshoot networkΒΆ

This section describes network errors that Fuel displays in the Fuel web UI or CLI.

New IP ranges for network ‘public’(2) do not cover already allocated IPs

Description Appears when you modify the network IP ranges of the deployed OpenStack environment and the new ranges do not cover the already allocated (during the previous deployment) virtual IP addresses or nodes’ IP addresses.
Steps to resolve
  1. Check the allocated IP addresses using one of the following options:

    • View /etc/astute.yaml:

      1. SSH to a Fuel Slave node.
      2. View the /etc/astute.yaml file.
      3. Get the node’s IP address from the network_metadata[nodes] list.
      4. Repeat this sequence of steps for every node in the environment.
    • Download the interfaces information using the Fuel CLI:

      fuel node --node-id 1,2 --network --download --dir <PATH>
  2. Resolve the issue proceeding with one of the following options:

    • Adjust the new network IP ranges to cover all allocated IP addresses.
    • Reset the OpenStack environment and update the network ranges.
    • If only a few nodes do not fit into the new network IP ranges:
      1. Delete the affected nodes from the environment.
      2. Update the network ranges.
      3. Re-add the deleted nodes.
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