About Fuel plugins

About Fuel pluginsΒΆ

You can extend the functionality of your OpenStack environment through Fuel plugins. Some Fuel plugins eliminate the need to install drivers and patches manually after Fuel deploys an OpenStack environment, while others enable users to configure additional capabilities, such as additional storage types and networking functionality. For example, the Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) plugin allows you to add network load balancing functionality to your cloud, so that incoming traffic can be spread across multiple nodes. You can use the Nova NFS plugin so that you can use NFS as a storage backend for Nova ephemeral volumes. There is a number of Fuel plugins available to download for free in DriverLog.

In addition, Fuel offers an open source framework that enables developers to create their own plugins and extend their environment functionalities as required. For example, hardware vendors can benefit from using the plugin framework by creating plugins that deploy custom drivers and enable OpenStack to run on custom hardware.

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