Configure ESXi host networking

Configure ESXi host networkingΒΆ

To integrate OpenStack with VMware vCenter, you must configure the VMware ESXi host networking.

To configure ESXi host networking:

  1. In VMware vSphere web-client open the ESXi host page.

  2. Select Manage > Networking.

  3. Click Add network. The Add networking wizard starts.

  4. In the Add Networking wizard, select the Virtual Machine Port group.

  5. Select the Virtual Machine Port Group option to ensure that the network is created in vSwitch0.

  6. Create a network called br100.


    You must name the network br100. Otherwise, Fuel will not be able to communicate with VMware vSphere.

  7. In the VLAN ID field, type a VLAN Tag.

  8. Proceed to Upload the Fuel ISO to the VMware vSphere datastore.

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