Fuel plugins overview

Fuel plugins overviewΒΆ

Fuel provides plugins that you can use to extend the functionality of your OpenStack environment and enable Fuel to work with various third-party components and technologies.

Most of the Fuel plugins are developed by the OpenStack community members, as well as by the companies who support OpenStack. The Fuel plugins are distributed free of charge.

Fuel currently has the following plugins:

  • Networking plugins Fuel plugins such as Firewall-as-a-Service and VPN-as-a-Service, as well as plugins that enable Fuel to work with enterprise-grade SDN and virtual networking.
  • Operations management plugins Enable Fuel to work with the third-party monitoring tools such as Zabbix and Grafana.
  • Storage plugins Extend Fuel functionality by enabling OpenStack to use enterprise-class storage platforms as a Cinder backend.
  • Compute plugins Extend the Fuel compute functionality. For example, the XenServer plugin enables you to use the XenServer hypervisor as a compute provider.


You must install all Fuel plugins that affect core Fuel functionality, such as ML2 drivers, SDN, or storage plugins, before you deploy an OpenStack environment. Application-level plugins, such as LMA, Zabbix, and so on can be installed later.

Fuel Plugins SDK enables you to develop virtually any plugin that you need to meet your environment prerequisites.

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