Access shell on nodes

Access shell on nodesΒΆ

While maintaining your OpenStack environment or performing advanced configuration tasks, you may need to access the Fuel Master node and Fuel slave nodes at the shell level. Operating systems on all nodes run the bash shell supporting standard Unix system commands. Each node’s system has its own console that you can use directly, but standard practice is to use SSH to access consoles of Fuel nodes.

To access the shell on nodes through SSH:

  1. Generate a public SSH key by typing on your client:

    ssh-keygen -t rsa
  2. Log in to the Fuel web UI.

  3. Go to Settings -> General -> Operating System Access.

  4. Paste the public key to the Authorized SSH keys field.

    Fuel uploads public keys to each Fuel slave node it deploys. However, you cannot upload the keys to the Fuel Master node and Fuel slave nodes that have already been deployed through the Fuel web UI. Proceed with the steps below to upload public keys to the Fuel Master node and deployed Fuel slave nodes.

  5. To upload the SSH key to the Fuel Master node, type on your client:

    ssh-copy-id -i .ssh/ root@<FUEL_MASTER_IP>

    The IP address of the Fuel Master node.

    Alternatively, add the required public key stored in the .ssh/ file to the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys directory on the Fuel Master node.

  6. SSH to the Fuel Master node:

    ssh root@<FUEL_MASTER_IP>
  7. Type fuel nodes or fuel node list to get the IP addresses of all Fuel slave nodes.

    Example of system response:

    id | status | name             | cluster | ip         | mac               | roles      | pending_roles | online
    5  | ready  | Untitled (4d:4d) | 2       | | b2:8b:55:17:ae:40 | controller |               | True
    8  | ready  | Untitled (3a:7f) | 2       | | 92:93:99:70:14:4c | compute    |               | True
    6  | ready  | Untitled (34:84) | 2       | | f2:b3:1a:74:da:41 | cinder     |               | True
    7  | ready  | Untitled (f0:9b) | 2       | | 56:09:fe:c6:06:40 | compute    |               | True
  8. To upload the SSH key to a deployed Fuel slave node, type:

    ssh-copy-id -i .ssh/ root@<FUEL_SLAVE_IP>

    Alternatively, add the required public key stored in the .ssh/ file to the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys directory on the required Fuel slave node.

  9. SSH to the Fuel slave node using either its IP address or ID:

    • To ssh using an IP address, type, for example:

    • To ssh using an ID shown in the first column of the fuel nodes command output, type, for example:

      ssh node-6

Now, you can use ssh to access the console of the Fuel Master node and consoles of the Fuel slave nodes from the Fuel Master node. Besides, you can use scp and sftp commands to securely copy files to the nodes.

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