Modify the Fuel CLI configuration file

Modify the Fuel CLI configuration fileΒΆ


The Fuel command-line interface has been updated. Although old fuel commands are still available, we recommend that you use the new fuel2 commands instead. See the Fuel CLI commands comparison matrix.

The Fuel CLI uses the fuel_client.yaml file as a source for default settings. By default, Fuel stores the fuel_client.yaml file in the ~/.config/ directory.

To change the default directory:

  1. Log in to the Fuel CLI.

  2. Set the required directory path:

    $ export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/path/to/fuel_client.yaml/

    where XDG_CONFIG_HOME points to the fuel_client.yaml file directory.

To specify custom settings:

  1. Log in to the Fuel CLI.

  2. Edit the fuel_client.yaml file.

    Alternatively, create a new YAML-formatted file:

    1. Create a .yaml file with the required settings.

    2. Export the FUELCLIENT_CUSTOM_SETTINGS variable:

      $ export FUELCLIENT_CUSTOM_SETTINGS="~/custom.conf"

      where "~/custom.conf" is the path to the new configuration file.

    3. Optionally, add the export to the .bashrc file:

      $ echo 'export FUELCLIENT_CUSTOM_SETTINGS="~/custom.conf"' >> ~/.bashrc


Custom settings override the default ones. Top-level values may also be set as environment variables.


$ export SERVER_PORT=8080
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