Install Fuel Plugin Builder

Install Fuel Plugin BuilderΒΆ

You must install the Fuel Plugin Builder on the Fuel Master node. You must use the Fuel Master node as the build environment.

To install the Fuel Plugin Builder

  1. Log into the Fuel Master node.

  2. Install the required packages:

    yum install -y git python-mako createrepo dpkg-devel dpkg-dev rpm \
  3. Clone the Fuel Plugin Builder repository:

    git clone
  4. Change to the fuel-plugins directory:

    cd fuel-plugins
  5. Check out a specific commit from the Fuel Plugin Builder repository compatible with Fuel 8.0:

    git checkout a22bc32

    The tasks.yaml file is required for the plugin to build, even if the file is empty.


    If the plugin metadata does not specify the same version of

    OpenStack as the one supported by the Fuel Master node, on which the plugin is installed, you will not see any plugin fields in the Fuel web UI. To be compatible with Fuel 8.0, the metadata.yaml file of the plugin must contain the following lines:

      - os: ubuntu
        version: liberty-8.0
        mode: ['ha']
  6. Build and install the Fuel Plugin Builder:

    python install
  7. Verify the installed version of the Fuel Plugin Builder:

    python -c 'import pkg_resources;
    print pkg_resources.get_distribution\

    This should display 4.0.0.

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