Plugin versioning system

Plugin versioning system

When the developer adds new functionality to a plugin, minor updates or security fixes should be delivered. The plugin developer creates a new version of the plugin: this can be a major version or a minor one:

  • Major – Changes in API, functionality, major OpenStack release introduced.
  • Minor – Security fixes only.

The plugin versioning is the following:

  Plugin file format fuel-plugin value metadata.yaml major minor
RPM fuel-plugin-1.0-1.0.0 1.0 1.0.1 1.0.0 1.0.1

Plugin versioning example

If a plugin has version 1.0.1 in the metadat.yaml file, the file name of the plugin must be plugin-1.0-1.0.1-N.rpm.

If you use the default setting of the Fuel plugin builder, N equals 1. You can also specify a value from the build_version variable defined in the metadata.yaml file that allows to iterate the package version without updating the plugin version.

Update procedure

  Update Limitations
fp No 1.0
RPM Yes Can be updated to minor version only with fuel plugins –update <fuel-plugin-file> command. To get a major one, user has to download it from Fuel Plugins Catalog and create a new environment from scratch.

Versioning scheme

  • Versioning does not support the .fp plugins. The user must download and install the .fp plugin from scratch.
  • For RPM plugins, the versioning is as follows:


Change the versioning scheme for customized packages to have a clear indicator which package is installed - the official Mirantis OpenStack or customized ones. Otherwise, check the Python files to understand which package is actually installed.

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