Change the configuration drive format

Change the configuration drive formatΒΆ

For legacy reasons, Fuel uses the VFAT configuration drive format which is the default option for live migration. But as the default format of the configuration drive for OpenStack environments is ISO 9660, you can change the VFAT to the ISO 9660 format using the config_drive_format option.

To change the configuration drive format using Fuel CLI:

  1. Log in to the Fuel Master node CLI.

  2. Download the configuration files:

    fuel --env=<env_ID> deployment --default

    The default deployment information is downloaded to /<cwd>/deployment_<env_ID>.

  3. Edit every <node-id>.yaml file:

    1. Find or add the compute section to the <node-id>.yaml file.

    2. In this section, add the following parameter:

       config_drive_format option: iso9660
  4. Upload the updated configuration files to the /<cwd>/deployment_<env_ID> directory:

    fuel --env=<env_ID> deployment --upload

    Now, you can proceed with the environment deployment.

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